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Zhejiang Sea&Sky Machinery Co.,Ltd. was registered in January 2001, covers an area of more than 180 acres, has a standardized plant 88800 square meters, is a professional production and sales of "gear reduction gearbox assembly and gear" private industrial enterprises.

All the time, the company has been adhering to the "moral to establish things, fine in order to achieve, speed to win, go far" management purposes and "unremitting exploration, the courage to go beyond" innovative ideas, constantly committed to enterprise management, technology and staff team building. The company now has more than 800 employees, including 186 employees with college degree or above, 47 researchers and 58 technicians.


The company organization sound (that is, there is administrative, financial, and gear manufacturing, the gear reduction gearbox manufacturing,

Company profile

marketing and so on five big functions), improve the management system (i.e., has a perfect administrative personnel system, financial management system, performance appraisal system, production management rules and regulations, quality good faith system, etc.), advanced production equipment (namely there are various types of processing, CNC gear hobbing machine, gear shaper, shaving machine, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, grinding machine and other equipment more than 300 sets and heat treatment, gear reduction gearbox assembly assembly production line), detection means complete (that is, three coordinate measuring instrument, gear measurement, metallographic analysis and other testing equipment more than 60 sets).



  • High-tech enterprises,3 product patents
  • The third aspect of the test report, iso9001:2008
  • 25 utility model patents and 7 design patents
  • To solve the global more than 20000000 ㎡ workshop ventilation, cooling problem
  • Compared with traditional fans, it saves 1,000,000 kw.h