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High power system

After strict testing, in order to achieve strong power, low noise operation, long time operation without fault, motor maintenance-free performance indicators, the use of independent high-quality motor, as well as high precision gearbox developed by Haitian, to ensure the quality of products.

New patented leaf shape

Fan blade technology is one of the core technologies affecting the air distribution of the entire fan. Zhejiang Haitian adopts advanced technology, applies advanced fluid simulation test software and fan, we combine a number of research results successfully developed a unique new fan blade. This technology, higher energy efficiency, to ensure the effectiveness of Haitian products to the extreme! Internal strengthened system design, higher strength. Surface white oxidation treatment, highlight the quality, it is not easy to adhere to dust, maintenance free.


Zhejiang Haitian selection is often used in aircraft and racing tail. As the blades move, air creates eddies at the ends of streamlined blades, while air with smaller wings is added

Flow accelerator eliminates this part of the energy loss, stable fan operation, so that the flow of air more in line with the principle of fluid mechanics, and bring benefits.

Aerodynamic tail

Electrical control system

Simple and user-friendly electrical control design. Air flow acceleration wit control system, using advanced control design; Top class electrical equipment; Take the lead in adopting integrated electrical control to achieve humanized operation higher than the industry; Fully guarantee the product's easy operation and stability; Details highlight professionalism; Reliable configuration ensures use; The overall design is more professional.


Widely used in industrial plants, waiting rooms, logistics warehousing, gymnasium, exhibition hall, business and other tall space, as a space ventilation, personnel cooling solutions.


Mainstream product


The air volume is more than 30 percent


Take you to experience the super wind volume!