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High power system

Super power system

After strict testing, in order to achieve strong power,
low noise operation, long time operation without fault,
motor maintenance-free performance indicators, the use of independent
high-quality motor, as well as high precision gearbox developed
by Haitian, to ensure good quality products.


New patented leaf shape

Patent Flabellum

Zhejiang Haitian adopts advanced technology,
applies advanced fluid simulation test software and fan,
we combine a number of research results successfully developed
a unique new fan blade. This technology, higher energy efficiency,
to ensure the effectiveness of Haitian products to the extreme!


Aerodynamic tail


Zhejiang Haitian selection is often used in
aircraft and racing tail. When the fan blade is running,
the air will form eddy current at the end of the streamline fan blade,
and the airflow accelerator with small wings eliminates
this part of energy loss, stabilizes the fan operation


Electrical control system

Electric control system

imple and user-friendly electrical control design.
Air flow speeds up the wit control system,
Use advanced control design;Top class electrical equipment;
Take the lead in adopting integrated electrical control,
Achieve humanized operation higher than the industry.

About us

About us

Zhejiang Sea&Sky Machinery Co.,Ltd.was registered in January 2001, covers an area of more than 180 mu, has a standardized plant of more than 88,800 square meters, is specialized in the production and sales of "gear products, reduction, transmission assembly and industrial energy-saving fan" private industrial enterprises. All the time, the company has been adhering to the "moral to establish things, fine in order to achieve, speed to win, go far" management purposes and "unremitting exploration, the courage to go beyond" innovative ideas, constantly committed to enterprise management, technology and staff team building. The company now has more than 800 employees, including 186 employees with college degree or above and 47 researchers...

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